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Boxes of Anatomically Correct Chocolate


Visual Anatomy's delightful line of chocolate anatomy will excite even the most discerning among us.  Our beautiful gift box options include: a round FOUR piece box, a square NINE piece box and square SIXTEEN piece box.  The four piece box features a newly designed chocolate brown, chartreuse green and fuchsia pink label.  The nine and sixteen piece boxes also have chocolate brown lids with green and pink decorative foil printing.  Each chocolate body part sits in a dark brown paper candy cup.  All of our decorative gift boxes make the perfect anatomical gift for any occasion.


Visual Anatomy is a small company that makes every piece of chocolate and folds and packs every box by hand.  We appreciate our fans sharing our chocolates but we would ask that if you have a large audience please contact us before adding us to an article or social media posting.  As stated above we are a very small company.  We do everything by hand and may need time to prepare to handle the rush of orders generated by your publicity.  Thank you for your cooperation!


It’s not too early to place your order for the 2015 Holiday Season.  Chocolates will stay beautiful and delicious for 4-5 months when kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Please, order before December 16th for the best chance of receiving your order for Christmas.   

We are not Amazon and therefore do not employ drones or robots.  Admittedly, that would be pretty darn cool but the closest thing we have is a Roomba.  So, what do we do?  Become innovative in our approach and try something completely nuts:  We hire real, live, awesomely dedicated humans who take pride in hand-making every chocolate organ and bone to be sure they go out beautifully made and delicious.  What a concept!  This means we generally ship orders 2-3 days after the order is placedPriority shipping generally takes 5-7 days this time of year.  Thank you for your orders and we really appreciate your patience.  

“Bone” Appetit!


At this time we only ship to the USA and Canada.  


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Da Bones
Hip, Knee, Hand, Foot.
4 Piece Box-B
Nine Piece Bone Box
9 Bones
9 Bones
Bits and Pieces
Random mix of 16 pieces
16 Piece Bits and Pieces
Nine Piece Organ Box
9 Organs
9 Organs
Classic Box
Heart, Lungs, Brain, Vertebra
4 Piece Box-C
16 Piece Assorted Anatomy
One of each of our pieces.
16 Piece Box
Delicious chocolate organs, chocolate bones and chocolate 
body parts in 2 sizes of decorative gift boxes. Order some today.

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