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Anatomically Correct Chocolates


Visual Anatomy’s line of Anatomically Correct Chocolates are as delicious as they are fun and unique. Chocolate anatomy makes a great Doctor's Day gift, medical student gift, graduation gift, medical convention favor and sales leave behinds.  Each piece has been individually designed by a medical illustrator.  Anatomically correct chocolates are hand poured and packaged.     


Visual Anatomy's chocolate anatomy collection includes: anatomical heart chocolate, chocolate lungs, chocolate brain, chocolate vertebra, chocolate knee, chocolate kidney, chocolate foot, chocolate liver, chocolate eye, chocolate pancreas, chocolate stomach, chocolate hip, chocolate skull, chocolate hand, chocolate colon, chocolate ear, chocolate uterus, chocolate ribbon & chocolate baby sperm.  Each piece is approximately 2 inches on its longest side and 1.5 on the other and 3/4 of an inch thick. Chocolates are approximately one ounce of delicious solid chocolate.  Chocolate anatomy is available in: round clear boxes of 4 pieces, decorative brown square boxes of 16 pieces and individually wrapped.


Warm Weather Shipping

As temperatures around the country begin to rise, please choose your shipping method carefully.  As you know chocolates melt easily in hot weather.  Soon we will be switching over to only the summer shipping option but for now see the How to Choose heading below to choose the best shipping option for your location and weather. 


Temperatures are already getting hot in certain areas of the country.  In order to ensure that your chocolates arrive un-melted we offer three shipping options.  We offer Priority, Express (overnight) and Summer.   


Options: Priority takes 2-3 days to most USA locations but it not guaranteed. Express is overnight and is guaranteed.  Summer is overnight service plus Styrofoam box or insulated wrap plus gel ice packs.


How to Choose: If temperatures at you location are over 87 degrees choose Summer shipping.  If temperatures are 79-86 degrees choose Express shipping.  If temperatures are below 79 degrees you may choose Priority or Express depending on how quickly you need your order.


Thank you for your patience during these hot summer months.


We are not responsible for that melt because they were left outside all day after or that were not shipped by our recommended shipping method. 


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500 Individual Pieces
500 Individual Pieces
250 Individual Pieces
250 Individual Pieces
200 Individual Pieces
200 Individual Pieces
150 Individual Pieces
150 Individual Pieces
020 Individual Pieces
20 Individual Pieces
100 Individual Pieces
100 Individual Pieces
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4 Piece-Classic Mix Box Two
Our most popular four pieces: Heart, Lungs, Brain, Kidney.
Boxes-4-Classic Two
4 Piece-Bone Mix Box
4 Bones: 2 Knees and 2 Hips.
4 Piece- Great Expectations
Six pieces: 2 Uterus, 4 Sperm
Boxes-4-Great Expectations
4 Piece-GI Mix Box
Gastrointestinal System: Stomach, Pancreas, Liver and Colon w/Appendix.
16 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box
This pre-assorted box includes one of each of our regular size pieces.
Delicious chocolate organs, chocolate bones and chocolate body parts in decorative boxes or individual pieces. Order some today.

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