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Visual Anatomy is a small company that makes every piece of chocolate and folds and packs every box by hand.  We appreciate our fans sharing our chocolates but we would ask that if you have a large audience please contact us BEFORE adding us to an article or social media posting.  As stated above we are a very small company.  We do everything by hand and may need time to prepare to handle the rush of orders generated by your publicity.  Thank you for your cooperation.


*Summer Shipping Notice*: Please Look Carefully at Shipping Price Before Placing Your Order.  Summer Shipping Prices Are Higher Than Normal.  We Cannot Refund Shipping Fees After Your Order Has Shipped.


It is very important to us that your chocolates arrive to you in the best possible condition.  During the hot summer months we take extra precautions to protect your chocolate order.  We use Insulated Boxes, Frozen Gel Packs and Overnight Shipping to ensure your chocolates arrive in perfect condition.  This does add to the cost of shipping.  Shipping prices will return to normal lower rates as soon as the weather cools off, usually in the mid to late September.  Please contact us and ask us to e-mail you when we lower shipping prices.



At this time we only ship to the USA and Canada.

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Nine Piece Organ Box
9 Organs
9 Organs
In Stock!
Classic Box
Heart, Lungs, Brain, Vertebra
4 Piece Box-C
In Stock!
16 Piece Assorted Anatomy
One of each of our pieces.
16 Piece Box
In Stock!
Delicious chocolate organs, chocolate bones and chocolate body 
parts in decorative boxes. Order some today.

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