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  • Do you make your own chocolate? We use a special chocolate blend created especially for our anatomically correct chocolates.  Our chocolate has just the right combination of sweetness and beautiful shinny surface.  Visual Anatomy's clients enjoy our chocolate flavor and are very pleased with the quality.


  • Can I place my order over the phone?  Yes, as long as it's less than $100.  Orders over $100 should be placed through the website or we will send you an invoice through Paypal.  All invoices and orders must be paid in full before orders can be shipped.   


  • Do you sell your molds?  No, we do not sell any of our chocolate molds.


  • Can you use my FedEx or UPS number to ship my order? Yes, we can use your FedEx or UPS number to ship your order.


  • Do you ship overseas? We only ship to the USA and Canada.   We are not allowed to send chocolates to Mexico, some parts of Europe or South America.  Customs can sometimes be slow so allow extra time, 7-14 days for shipping to Canada. 


  • How often do you ship? We ship chocolates Monday through Thursday for sure.  We do NOT ship on Saturday or Sunday.  Chocolates generally ship 1-3 days after the order is placed.  During hot weather we may not ship on Friday so that chocolates are not exposed to hot weather for an extra day.  Special Requests or custom boxes are made on Monday and Tuesday mornings only.  


  • How can I care and store my chocolates if I don’t use them right away? Chocolates will stay fresh tasting and beautiful at room temperature for approximately 4 months as long as they are kept away from heat and humidity.  Specifically, the temperature should not exceed 76 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity should remain below 60%. (average home conditions are fine) Keep out of direct sunlight. No need to refrigerate. Do Not Freeze.


  • Why are shipping prices so high in the summer?  Due to summer heat, chocolates must be shipped overnight.  We also use special insulated boxes with frozen gel packs in the summer.  This will ensure that your chocolates arrive in perfect condition but unfortunately it also increases the shipping prices.  If you don't need the chocolates right away we suggest waiting until fall to order when shipping prices will return to normal, much lower prices.


  • Allergen information: Contains Milk and Soy.  May Contain Trace Amounts to Peanuts Due to Common Processing Equipment. 


  • Are your chocolates Gluten Free? Yes, our chocolate is Gluten Free. 


  • Are your chocolates Kosher?  No, we are not certified Kosher. 


  • My order is a gift.  Do you put receipts in shipping boxes?  No, we never put receipts or anything with pricing in the shipping boxes.  We know that most orders go out as gifts.


  • How can I order a mix not listed on the website?  Yes, just put a note in the special request box during checkout and we will do our best to honor your request.  Keep the note short or the website may not accept it or it may give you an error message.  Be aware that special request may delay shipping since we only make custom boxes on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  We do not accept special orders in December or February since they are our 2 busiest months. 


  • How can I get a list of Ingredients?  Contact Us if you would like a list of ingredients.





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